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Toni Armenta Andrukaitis' Auction Bowl

Toni Armenta Andrukaitis

  • Medium for your bowl:

My favorite medium to work with is painting on glass and ceramics using enamel glass paint.

  • What was your process when you created this bowl:

I love to find antique or donated  items to repurpose and turn "trash into treasures." When I purchase a unique bowl to paint at McKinney Inn Style Thrift Store or Goodwill, it is a double blessing.

  • What inspired you to donate your bowl to Empty Bowls McKinney?

A born and raised Chicago native, I moved to McKinney in '04, and immediately fell in love with the town and the friendly people. Plus, it was great not to shovel snow anymore. Being an artist, writer, and former art teacher, I found such an amazing welcoming art community that has just blossomed before my eyes over the years. 

My first experience with Empty Bowls was several years ago when our dear friends, Carolyn Hewitt and Michele Bernard, invited us to St. Peter's Episcopal Church for the initial charity events. The concept and participation has exploded since those early years, and local artists, craftsmen, schools, restaurants and businesses have all joined forces to try and "Feed the hungry one bowl at a time." I am so honored to be a part of this amazing annual charity event. 

  • Fun fact:

I also write a daily blog on Wordpress and Facebook, where I just share my crazy day, talk about my great friends, my art,  and my wonderful town.

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