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Steve Macias' Auction Bowl

Steve Macias

  • Medium for your bowl:


  • What was your process when you created this bowl:

I began by wedging the clay to remove air bubbles and blend the clay.  The clay was placed on a pottery wheel and gathered into a dome shape to begin the process know as throwing.  While the pottery wheel was rotating, constant, even pressure was applied to shape the platter.  The platter was stored and allowed to dry for twelve days.  After drying, the platter was fired to a low temperature known as bisque.  Glaze was applied to the bisque pottery then returned to the kiln for a second firing.  In the second firing the platter reached a much higher temperature which vitrified the clay and matured the glaze.

  • What inspired you to donate your bowl to Empty Bowls McKinney?

Empty Bowls makes a huge impact in our community and I'm proud to be able to help. 

  • Fun fact:

Retired US Navy, 23 years.

  • Best way to contact you:

Email: Instagram:


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