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Stephanie Kaminer's Auction Bowl

Stephanie Kaminer

  • Medium for your bowl:


  • What was your process when you created this bowl:

I had a wheel thrown bowl that I have had for a bit that had part of the lip broken and still had the piece. I teach high school and had been wanting to teach them the art of Kintsugi. It also being new to me but always intrigued by the process and the meaning behind it, I thought I would use this bowl to explore and experiment with the process. So I took a hammer and broke the piece up even more and then took time to figure out how it went back together.  I enjoyed going through this process and I hope to do it with my students someday soon.

  • What inspired you to donate your bowl to Empty Bowls McKinney?

Since moving to Texas almost five years ago and stumbling upon the community of McKinney, I fell in love with the area. It seems so many people are always looking out for you and wanting what is best for you. I knew of Empty Bowls initiative from back in my hometown in South Carolina and what good it does for the communities. Calling McKinney my home now I wanted to do what I could and help with Empty Bowls that in turn helps those around, making us an even stronger community. 

  • Fun fact:

There is no definitive time of me sitting down and deciding to make art. I was actually a nursing major at the University of South Carolina and decided after the first year that it wasn’t for me and somehow stumbled upon the Art Education program and fell in love and then found Ceramics and fell in love again and the rest is history!

  • Best way to contact you:

Email: @sjkceramics is my social media handle


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