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Linda Chidsey's Artist Bowl

Linda Chidsey

About the Artist

"After a 30-year career in information technology, my focus, time, and energy have taken a major shift to creating vibrant Raku sculptures, wearable jewelry art, and unusual copper creations. I take every opportunity to explore new concepts and ideas to create one-of-a-kind artwork. From a relatively simple palette of raw materials consisting of clay, metal, and natural stones, I strive to create unique jewelry, pottery, and sculptural forms. I often combine more than one of my media in a single piece of sculpture. All of my pottery is hand-molded and utilizes the Raku firing process that provides unpredictable smoke patterns and spectacular metallic and lustrous effects."

Description of Item

Size: 12" l x 13" w x 2" h

Technique: Hand-built Raku fired Sculpture

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Artist Contact Information


Instagram: @lindachidseydesigns

Studio/Business: Linda Chidsey Designs

Website: lindachidseydesigns

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