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Heather Bell Richardson's Auction Bowl

Heather Bell Richardson

  • Medium for your bowl:

Stoneware Clay

  • What was your process when you created this bowl:

The leaf bowl was made using a soft slab technique and a wire form.  Once the clay has been textured, it is placed inside the form to be worked and dry for firing.

  • What inspired you to donate your bowl to Empty Bowls McKinney?

I have had the pleasure of supporting Empty Bowls for several years. I love that it is a local event, supporting local needs.  It is something small that I can do, as an artist and as a human, to help people.

  • Fun fact:

Childhood Nickname: Strawberry, Heather Feather & Heather’Ree. All given to my by various uncles.  I have 12 sets of Aunts & Uncles and 35 first cousins.  There was a house full no matter where we went, I loved it!

  • Best way to contact you:

Facebook: Email:

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