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Eva Kustarne Zsoldos' Auction Bowl

Eva Kustarne Zsoldos - Mud Stork Art

  • Medium for your bowl:

The bowl is slab build and made of a smooth clay body. Decorated with underglaze tissue transfer and underglaze painting with clear glaze over.

  • What was your process when you created this bowl:

My inspiration for the decoration came from childhood memories... we always had cats around and because my Mom was (and still is) an avid knitter, we had balls of yarn around too... and when you added cats and yarn together... well, that was entertainment.

  • What inspired you to donate your bowl to Empty Bowls McKinney?

I am donating bowls for Empty Bowls for many years now both to the Dallas and the McKinney events.  I mostly work with clay as an artist. It feels so good that with my own two hands I can create something pretty, something useful and make the owner of that creation happy at the same time I can help out our community. 

  • Best way to contact you:



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