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Artisan Bowl by Adam Knoche

Artisan Bowl by Adam Knoche

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Description of Item:

Size:9.25"d x 4"h

Technique: Wheel-thrown, stoneware that is glazed with a crater glaze

About the Artist

Adam, along with his wife Angie, started Glaze with the idea of building community around the ceramic arts. Their vision is to cultivate and educate the local community with exceptional educators and professional facilities. Glaze hosted a 2-day "throw-down" producing almost 200 bowls for the event this year.

Adam has been working in the field of ceramic art since 2009 and his work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Most notably, Adam represented the United States at the Korean International Ceramic Biennale in South Korea in 2019.

Artist Contact Information

Studio: Glaze Ceramic Studio



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