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Andrea Shackelford's Celebrity Bowl

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Andrea Shackelford

About the Artist

Ms. Shackelford created her bowl with the assistance of Jump Into Art potter, Tim Bednar.

Andrea is the Executive Chef at Harvest Seasonal Kitchen. Andrea always knew she wanted to be a chef. Born in Houston and raised in Dallas, she worked at bakeries, pastry shops, and little cafes through high school and college. She has a passion for sustainability and locally sourced ingredients. Almost all of Harvest Seasonal Kitchen's ingredients are sourced from farms within a 150-mile radius—a good chunk of which comes from the restaurant’s Water Boy Farms, overseen by Shackelford, a master gardener herself. In 2015, Shackelford and Rick Wells started The Seed Project Foundation to support local growers and promote sustainable farming through educational, agricultural, and community initiatives.

Description of Item

Size:10.75"d x 4"h

Technique: Wheel-thrown

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