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Hello Artist!

In 2022 Empty Bowls McKinney raised $120,000 to fight hunger in our community.  We could not have done this without YOU, our artists.  Thank you!


Opportunities to Contribute:

  • Donate an Artisan Bowl for our Auction or Raffle

  • Donate a bowl(s) for our Limited Edition Collection

  • Donate event bowls (1,000 needed)

  • Share on your social media “Empty Bowls McKinney 2023 - May 4th”

  • Encourage your artist friends to get involved

  • Volunteer at the event

Any artist contributing a Collectors Club bowl, Auction or Raffle piece or at least 10 event bowls will receive free entry to the event.  All volunteers working the event will receive a free t-shirt.

Artisan Auction/Raffle Bowls

These are larger, professional pieces for the on-line Auction or Raffle.  Bowls will be juried only to determine which area, Auction or Raffle, they will be featured in. BOTH areas are equally important and greatly appreciated.

Limited Edition Bowls

These are beautifully crafted, typically smaller than the large Artisan bowls that are made available for purchase during the event and priced by a group of knowledgeable artists.


Event Bowls

Event bowls, (smaller soup-sized), the heart of our event, are given to each paid attendee to thank them for their support and as a reminder that many are food insecure in our community.

Significant Dates to Remember


ALL finished Auction/Raffle bowls are due no later than March 19th.


Event bowls and Limited Edition bowls due April 22nd


Bowl Preview Party - March 25th

The Cove

402 N. Tennessee St.  McKinney TX. 75069

Arrange bowl drop-off at SPARC Pottery Studio with:


Drop-off at St. Peter’s Church office, 511 Foote St. McKinney TX. 75068

Mon - Thur 9am - 3pm

Thank You 
For your Support

Empty Bowls is an annual community event featuring local artisans and restaurants that raises money and awareness to support non-profit organizations that address hunger in our community.

Questions/Info email: 
Empty Bowls McKinney is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

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